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közel Bulqizë, Dibër (Albania)

The area east of Tirana is not much populated, and the roads are rarely used - except by the military; hunters; those collecting firewood, tea, fruits or mushrooms; or worshippers visiting the Bektashi Shrine (Teqe) in Ballenjë.

This trail from Bulqize leads first to a chromium mining area, which is a little different from the usual 4WD experience.

It ends at the Teqe in Ballenjë near Bizë. Various routes are possible to continue the journey. Among them to Tirana (several routes are possible), to Elbasan (see separate trail), or to Stebleve.

From nearby Bizë, you may try your luck climbing Mali i Snojt (see separate trail)

Unless you want to overnight enroute, it is advisable to make an early start, if you want to reach the next town. The road from Bulqize is in relatively good shape (August 2012).

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left to teqe

left to Teqe

turnoff to Lennie

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