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közel Mazra‘eh-ye Navvāb, Ostān-e Eşfahān (Iran)

Kavire maranjab(Maranjab desert) is one of the central deserts in located in the east north of kashan.
I had gone there at the nowrooz 1389.(Iranian's new year)-march 2010-
after visiting the historical places in kashan we left the Kashan at 1 pm by the red minibus(!). it was belong to a tour which was carring peoples from Kashan to Maranjab. after crossing the Aran -o-Bidgol we arrived a gravelled road of Maranjab.
At the trailhead we saw 1 row of Gaz trees at both side of road.our local leader(car driver) was saying that Gaz's root grows down about 70 meter under ground.
at length of the way we saw 2 camel which were running fast far from us.
nearby salt lake you can see beautiful hexagonal which is designed on ground.
we see the island far from us on the middle of lake. leader was saying "it some times
disappears. maybe because of the heat that it seems such". then we visited the Karvansara and the well of water nearby the karevansara(it's about 4-5 meters deep). i tasted the water of well.but still when i think about it, i get nausea , because i then realized it have fish.
next we went to sands hills and climbed of was so enjoyable.
our driver once went to wrong it is obvious that the passing of desert needs to skill. at night we lit a fire and sat around it. the sky was full of stars. it was very dreamy.
I think every one must experience such junket as is different experience


(salt lake - shah abbasi caravan-serai)دوراهی .دریاچه ی نمک وکاروانسرای شاه عباسی


کاروانسرای شاه عباسی


چاه آب( water well)


(wanderer island)به طرف جزیره ی سرگردان

شبیه آنچه در قصه های سند باد آمده

(wanderer island)به طرف جزیره ی سرگردان


(sand hills)منطقه ی احتمالی تپه های شنی

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