1 006 m
68 m
239,62 km

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közel Lantzville, British Columbia (Canada)

Moderate to Difficult
Doumont Rd - through "tank traps" - Right on Branch 142 - Left onto 155 main - left onto 155n - mars bomber crash site (just trees) - "Baker Street" connector (mod to difficult) to Moriarty Lake area - branch g to Nanaimo river road (watch out for incorrect right turn in track) - branch K - "Bridge out workaround (difficult uphill roots section) - shaw main to north shore road - Youbou - West to Nitinat River Road - The "Blacktop Highway" - Turn east up the pass - Nanaimo River Road to Gate (locked for us) - Turned west and took right up branch C - Down the "HeLLiVaToR" and the easier parallel "escalator" - Back through the tank traps for a delicious Black Bear BEER!!!


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