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közel Lantzville, British Columbia (Canada)

A route from Harwood Dr. to the Eagle's Nest Cabin near Bonnell Main logging road. The route shows a preferred direction to travel and an alternative (non-preferred) route. (I used the non-preferred route in this case, but reference is given with waypoints showing the better route). This cabin has a guest book and is available for guests to use. Please be kind and supply your own firewood, tidy the cabin before leaving and clean up, (pack out), your garbage. The preferred route is a moderate to difficult ride up steep rocky sections with a moderately steep and rooty quad trail. It's still easier to stop halfway up this route and walk up than it is to take the route that I took on the track. They have an ice cooler, a small woodstove, fire pit and outhouse.

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Climb Up (non preferred route)


Eagle's Nest Cabin

Edge of Marsh

Edge of Marsh


Keep Going (preferred route)


Left - Off Bonnell Main


Park Here


right turn onto bonnell main


Right= Preferred Route - Left=Rough Hike (non preferred)


Take Quad Trail - Straight Ahead

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  • ejpeeters 2016.04.01.

    Great day outing. Very quad friendly.

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