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közel Bāniyās, Quneitra (Syria)

Astonishing place in Golan Heights, where it´s supossed, at least I supossed so, to find a dessert, you will find out a garden full of vegetation and water. This place is so far away from big cities in Israel, under the Mt. Hermon, so it´s convenient to wake up early in the morning to start the trip with warm temperatures. Beginning from the parking close to the Banias falls, we proceed directly to Nimrod Fortress, settled downd on the top of one hill higher than 800mts. This fortress was built by muslims in 13th century, and nowadays represents the most ancient and singular monument of ths type in Israel. This going up is quite hard, using a narrow path straight between the natural park surrounding the falls and the fortress. Once visited the fortress we started the coming back, but this time, we reached the Falls, which are so pretty and surprising, because of the place you are sure to find out there. Deffinitively, a beatiful place that everybody in Israel should visit once in their lives.


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