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közel Shinden, Kanagawa (Japan)

Today's objective was to climb the 1100m from Hinata bus stop to Ooyama, with Louis in the backpack otherwise it would have been way too easy.

From Hinata there were just a handful of hikers, there is a long road section before the trail starts. We met about 10 people while walking on the trail up to the intersection in about 1 hour. Then we merged with the hordes of people who came from the cable car and I made Louis walk a few hundred meters.

There were some large rocks making stairs so it was tough for him but he tried hard and impressed a lot of people. I put him back in the pack and we got to Ooyama at 1 PM, it was so crowded I couldn't stand being at the summit more than the time to take 2 or 3 pictures.

We had lunch a few meters lower and then Louis walked on the rocky trail for more than 1 kilometer. I was the hardest part for him with the large stairs made from countless rocks but he was enjoying it, until he got too tired and I carried him again. It was a matter of seconds before he fell asleep and then we quickly got to the bus stop, I nourished the hope he would sleep most of the way home, yet he woke up just before we rode the bus and was so full of energy it was exhausting to be around him especially in the train.

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flat ridge

flat ridge




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    This trail is not too difficult for beginner. There is no clear sign in some path. Need to follow the route in application.

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