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közel Ech Chakhroûb, Mont-Liban (Lebanon)

This hike was supposed to be from Biskinta to Mtein covering Lebanese Mountain Trail (LMT) section 15; however, due to the physical strength of one of the hikers, the hike ended in Zaarour (4 km short of Mtein).
The hike was a great hike as usual. the trail was mostly rocky intercepted by apple orchards and generous farmers who offered us a taste of their crops. Along the trail there was oak, maple, and other wild Lebanese-specific wild trees.
The beauty of the Lebanese landscape (for me) was manifested in the high rocky cliffs that we had to walk through (sometimes with the help of chains installed by LMT). The view of the sleepy towns was also pleasing and made you wonder that because of Ottoman prosecution of Lebanese minorities, they escaped the plains and coastal area and made vibrant communities in the middle of the rugged unreachable mountains.
Weather was hot but not humid at this time of the year.
The level of this hike was above medium and less than advanced.

Apple Orchards

The region is famous for its apples. We were treated by local farmers to taste this year's crop. It was delicious. We also were able to find some left over grapes on the vineyards along the trail.

Hadrian Writings

One of the proclamations of Emperor Hadrian (Roman era) minted on rocks preventing locals from cutting trees (oak, cedar, etc.).

Trail Intersection Signs

Trails direction signs for hikers

Al Manbookh Spring

The only natural spring found along the trail. Hikers replenished their water stock and cooled down before moving on.

Rocky Cliffs

Huge Rocky Cliffs that have water pipes running in the middle of it.


This is where we had our lunch break.

Roman Ruins

The Roman ruins, I was told, lies on a land owned by Michael AlMurr (Lebanese politician). It contains rock coffins and ruins of a castle/fort

Zaarour Lake

Man-made lake to provide drinking water to Beirut (47+ miles away) the Lebanese capital.

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    Wonderful trail!! High cliffs watch your step!

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