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közel El Moukhtâra, Mont-Liban (Lebanon)

This hike was a hike designed for families of colleagues who worked with me at SABIS. The trail was fairly easy allowing for toddlers to participate. the hike started from the Virgin Mary church in Moukhtara and went down to the Barouk river where we kept a flat trail except for the last 500 meters of the hike where hikers have to go uphill in order to reach the bus.
The weather was a bit hot (temperature were in mid 30s degrees Celsius) but the hikers were protected by the trees along the banks of the Barouk river. The trail covered: Moukhtara, Baddi Bridge, Abou Matar Bridge, Baddi Watermill, Nabaa (spring) Mershid Spring, cottage with a rest area, the Birkit Arous (Bride's pond *), and Shaykh Hasan bridge.

* legend and old people tell the story of the Bride's pond as follows: about 500+ years there was a bride riding her mare to her bridegroom town at midnight. When the caravan reached the pond, the mare slipped and the bride fell into the pond and to her death.

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Baddi Bridge


Baddi Watermill


Nabee (Spring) Mershid


Rest Area

A small cottage with a nice backyard built right on the banks of Barouk river.

Abou Matar Bridge


Shaykh Hasan Bridge






Bride's Pond (Birkit Arous)

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  • Fénykép wbutterf

    wbutterf 2019.06.09.

    I have followed this trail  ellenőrzött  View more

    Nice trail! Many thanks Zahi! We crossed the second (big) bridge and continued on from there. If you want to cut the trial shorter (total about 3 K) just follow the trail across the bridge.

  • Fénykép radwan.bachir

    radwan.bachir 2020.06.22.

    I have followed this trail  ellenőrzött  View more

    Top Mr. Zahi thank you for sharing

  • Fénykép zahi.ramadan

    zahi.ramadan 2020.06.23.

    always a pleasure.
    Keep on hiking

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