• Fénykép Al Rabi Al Shehhs Summits Khorfakkan Hike
  • Fénykép Al Rabi Al Shehhs Summits Khorfakkan Hike
  • Fénykép Al Rabi Al Shehhs Summits Khorfakkan Hike
  • Fénykép Al Rabi Al Shehhs Summits Khorfakkan Hike
  • Fénykép Al Rabi Al Shehhs Summits Khorfakkan Hike
  • Fénykép Al Rabi Al Shehhs Summits Khorfakkan Hike

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Uploaded 2020. augusztus 15.

Recorded augusztus 2020

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516 m
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közel Rafā‘, Sharjah (United Arab Emirates)

The twin summits of Al Shehhs and Al Rabi at 395 meters height.
The view from the top is excellent, you can see Khorfakkan Ports, Khorfakkan City and the Arabian Sea clearly.
If you plan this hike in the morning, target to reach the top for the Sunrise.
Start the hike 1 hour before the Sunrise and you will be able to witness one of your best Sunrise moments in Life.
The trail is visible on moonlight, but carrying a Torch / headlamp will be beneficial.

The Car parking at the Rabi Tower is small and space for few cars.
I suggest you to park at the lower level near the village and walk up on the road to the Rabi tower.
25.339974, 56.357955 are the maps coordinates.

The Trail starts from the Tower and well marked.
Well laid trail and few options to add or remove the hike gradient.
Steep slope and stone steps. The Path is very well laid, no loose rocks anywhere.
Safe for even kids.
Best is to stay towards the left path on the way up from the start so that you get to hike to both summits.
If you take the Right path only, you will reach the midpoint of Camping area with a gradual easy slope and from then you will reach only the Rabi Summit.
In case if it happens, you can always choose to come to the midpoint and hike up again to the Shehhs summit on your way down, no problems.

Carry enough water to suit your needs, some snacks / fruits and Hat if going in sunlight.
There are limited Shelter options, so go prepared.
There are a few Camping spots too, but may be busy during cooler times and restricted subject to prevailing camping rules.

There is a link path to go to the Secret beach from the Midpoint, but there is a notice by the authorities not to access the beach from there.
Looks like legally no more hikes to Secret beach.

8 hozzászólás

  • Dora & Me 2020.09.17.

    Hi Patrick,
    May I know what time do you start your hike? And where do you park your car?

    Look very nice.

  • Fénykép Patrick Vijay Dsilva

    Patrick Vijay Dsilva 2020.09.17.

    I started at 5 am.
    You can catch Sunrise moment from the top
    Search for Rabi tower on google maps, there you can park the car

  • Dora & Me 2020.09.18.

    Thanks lot Patrick

  • shirajsharfu 2020.12.10.

    May I know how to navigate your trail in this app

  • Fénykép Patrick Vijay Dsilva

    Patrick Vijay Dsilva 2020.12.10.

    Hi shirajsharfu,
    There are 2 methods to follow Wikiloc trail.
    1. Activate Paid version of Wikiloc, it comes handy in many terms including navigation in realitime and follow the trail.
    2. Download the Trail from Wikiloc on a Computer as a gpx file. Install GPX Viewer app on your phone. Open the downloaded trail on gpx viewer app and then follow the trail. It will not navigate you, but will give you a sense of direction if you are walking along the recorded trail.
    Please note that both methods drain the phone battery, so better carry a charged Power bank.
    Enjoy your hike.

  • shirajsharfu 2020.12.10.

    Thank you so much

  • Fénykép maverickmu

    maverickmu 2021.01.19.

    I have followed this trail  ellenőrzött  View more

    Your info was accurate and very helpful. Enjoyed the hike!

  • Fénykép Patrick Vijay Dsilva

    Patrick Vijay Dsilva 2021.01.20.

    Hi Maverick,
    I'm not sure which information you are talking about ( whether the trail or wikiloc usage )
    In any case, I'm glad that you had a good pleasant hike.
    Thank you.

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