719 m
399 m
15,38 km

Megtekintve 996 alkalommal, letöltve 48 alkalommal

közel Maẖẕevet Geves, Southern District (Israel)

Ardon Mtn. isn't realy a moutain, it on the outskirt of Makhtesh Ramon - a long 500m deep "bowl". The trail starts in the middle of the Makhtesh, climbs to Ardon for a lovely viewpoint over the entire Makhtesh with its signficant colored sandy soil, then down again to the bottom of the Makhtesh on the other side of the Ardon, and in the middle of the Makhtesh up on the small cone shaped hill for another lookout.
There is no shade at all along the trail so pick cool day sometime between autumn and spring.

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  • Fénykép Ilia Lotosh

    Ilia Lotosh 2016.05.18.

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    Marvelous trail! I did it in reverse, and I think it makes more sense - that way the descent from mt. Ardon is less steep.

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