29,65 km


1 920 m

Nehézségi szint



1 920 m

Max elevation

3 614 m



Min elevation

2 233 m

Trail type

  • Fénykép ARMENIA - Mt. Azhdahak (3.597 m) from Sevaberd
  • Fénykép ARMENIA - Mt. Azhdahak (3.597 m) from Sevaberd
  • Fénykép ARMENIA - Mt. Azhdahak (3.597 m) from Sevaberd
  • Fénykép ARMENIA - Mt. Azhdahak (3.597 m) from Sevaberd
  • Fénykép ARMENIA - Mt. Azhdahak (3.597 m) from Sevaberd
  • Fénykép ARMENIA - Mt. Azhdahak (3.597 m) from Sevaberd


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2014. január 28.


augusztus 2013

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3 614 m
2 233 m
29,65 km

Megtekintve 5761 alkalommal, letöltve 131 alkalommal

közel Sevaberd, Kotaykʼ (አርሜኒያ)

Beautiful and very long treck to the highest point of the Geghama Mountains.
Passed Sevaberd village start the unpaved trails used by the Yezidi that establish their campsites on the Geghama plateau during the summer.
After the firsts turns it gets difficult for any car to progress. This is the moment to park and start the steep hike to the plateau. The track follows mainly a west direction, and passes near to a small Yezid cemetery, consistent in a little chapel surrounded by two big stone graves and various khachkars , with good views over Mt Hatis and even Mt Aragats on a clear day. From this point half of the ascent to the plateau is already done.
Once in the plateau, one can see the enormity of this flat surface above 3.000 m, spotted with volcanic cones, small lakes, rock rivers and big extensions of green grass between them. Also here one can find numerous Yezidi’s campsites, bringing their cattle escaping from the dryness and heat of the lower lands. Mount Azhdahak can be seen from here in the distance, with its characteristic triangular peak over the flat line that draws its crater edge.
Our track does not take the direct way but goes further west looking to walk through a valley that flows between three of the main peaks in the area, one of them with a perfect trapezoidal shape (only one of this three summits is named in our map: Agudag, 3.335 m). This way brings us to approach Azhdahak from the north.
Once at the initial slopes of the volcano, our track leads to the eastern side of the mountain (while the normal ascent is through a single train on the west side). This section is the only difficult part of the route, since it goes through exposed scrambling sections (grade II/III) in discomposed rock. The easiest alternative would be to hike through the normal route (used in the track as descending route) or try to attempt the summit from the south.
Once in the summit, one can enjoy magnificient views on the Mount Spitakasar and Ukhtuakunk (?) range to the south, and the steep slopes that lead down to Sevan lake.
On the way down, the track tries to follow the most direct and easy way back to Sevaberd.

PS: I rated the route difficult for its length and ascent, together with the scrambling sections that this track follows to get to the summit.

Lake Akna


Mt Azhdanak


yezid's cemetery

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