8,77 km


389 m

Nehézségi szint



560 m

Max elevation

1 875 m



Min elevation

1 366 m

Trail type

One Way
  • Fénykép Azgilli - Chiragli trail
  • Fénykép Azgilli - Chiragli trail




2021. június 8.


június 2021
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1 875 m
1 366 m
8,77 km

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közel Ezgilly, Göygöl Rayon (Azərbaycan Respublikası)

The route is also passable in an off-road vehicle. The path ascends for the initial 1.8 km and then is flat for the following 2km. The remaining part of the route is primarily downhill until Chiragli village. You will encounter an old cemetery along your way. Turn right at the crossroads in that area. 2.4km after the cemetery there is a path going to the left. You need to keep straight here. The part of the route before the cemetery is primarily treeless, while the remainder is covered by sparse forest. Although Chiragli village is located in the Dashkasan region, the only road for cars to the village is from the Goygol region.

It is also possible to do this hike the opposite way, starting from Chiragli village.

Nearby trails

You can connect this hike with the Azgilli – Javadkhan and Chiragli – Dastafur hikes.


The route can be walked in all seasons. But be careful of shepherd dogs in the period between May and October.

Food and accommodation

Be prepared regarding food before your trip since there is no supermarket in any of the villages. (Info on accommodation to be provided from Ganja DMO).


There are springs in both villages. Additionally, there are 5 springs along the route.


Azgilli village is the last village in the Goygol region and on the border with the Dashkasan region. The only road to this village is from Togana village.

You can reach Togana village by bus or taxi from the Goygol region bus station. An off-road vehicle is needed in order to get to Azgilli village from Togana village. You can arrange an off-road vehicle at the entrance of Goygol National Park. The route begins at the upper exit of the village.

There is no road after Chiragli village. You can return to Azgilli village by car or on foot or walk to Dastafur village.

Note: The main road from Togana village to Azgilli village is only suitable for 4x4 vehicles. There is a military base in the lower part of the village; the road to there is paved but not open to the public.

Permits & Specially Protected Areas

There are military bases in the lower and upper parts of Azgilli village. It is forbidden to take pictures of these buildings and enter their territories.


There are shepherd shelters in the area after the first ascent from the village of Azgilli from May till the end of October, so you need to be careful of shepherd dogs there.

At the same time, if you get lost or encounter bad weather you can approach shepherd shelters for assistance.


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