2 465 m
1 744 m
14,47 km

Megtekintve 289 alkalommal, letöltve 18 alkalommal

közel Brezovica, Ferizaj (Kosovo)

You'll see in the trail that twice I had to go back and forth, its not that we lost the trail but due to the fact that my son forgot his phone and I had to go back and pick it up while the app was still recording the trail. So the trail should be approx 1km in length and 15min of walk shorter!

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  • Fénykép dantelk

    dantelk 2018.11.16.

    Nice story! And does the hike need any technical skills/equipment (ie rock climbing etc)? :)

  • Fénykép Burim Zogiani

    Burim Zogiani 2018.11.16.

    Thanks Dantelk,

    No equipment/technical skills are required.
    If you feel like using them. trekking poles would be recommended!
    Hope you'll enjoy the trail.


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