• Fénykép Brindisi to Ostuni
  • Fénykép Brindisi to Ostuni
  • Fénykép Brindisi to Ostuni
  • Fénykép Brindisi to Ostuni
  • Fénykép Brindisi to Ostuni
  • Fénykép Brindisi to Ostuni

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211 m
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40,63 km

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közel Brindisi, Puglia (Italia)

This is a long distance walk between the train stations of Brindisi and Ostuni. As much as possible, it avoids the busy roads and follows the small tracks through the fields. However, there was no good alternative for around 4 km, so you need to watch traffic when you leave Brindisi.

Along the way, there are 2 points for water and 1 point where you can buy some snacks (see way points). However, all these points are quite late on the track so make sure to bring enough water and food for along this track.

As there are few trains on Sunday to get back to Brindisi, it's best to do this track on a weekday or on a Saturday.

This track is also very suitable for long distance walkers, assuming a day walk of 40km is not too long,


At this waypoint, you'll find several vending machines that sell snacks and drinks. These vending machines should be available longer than shops.


There is a fountain at this point that normally should provide free water.

Paid Fountain

At this point, you'll find a place where you can refill bottles for literally 2 cents a liter.

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  • Fabrizio Lippolis 2018.04.23.

    I have followed this trail  View more

    I've done this walk yesterday with a friend. It was very pleasant to walk through the field and away from the traffic. Except for the first 5-6 kilometers where you should get away from Brindisi and there is maybe no other way. Engaging because of the length. Thank you very much for sharing!

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