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közel Wagner, California (United States)

This is a fun hike to a lake that is off the official trails in the Sierras. It is an easy weekend trip from Northern California. Drive up highway 108 after work and camp at the campground at the Clark Fork of the Stanislaus River. The next morning drive west on forest service road 6N06. Park at the well marked trailhead (see waypoint). Note that the trail has been re-routed from the trail on the USGS Topo maps (and my Garmin base-camp map.) At the junction with Dardanelles trail you take a left, continuing west on what I believe is the trail to Wheats Meadows. (Do NOT go north on Dardanelles trail.)

Now for the tricky part. The trail to the lake is unofficial. As this is a wilderness area, the FS attempts to obscure the trail to the lake. Proceed to N38° 22.083' W119° 57.068' ("turnoff" waypoint). There is a very large ponderosa pine on your right. Take a hard left and tiptoe into the forest. Try not to leave a trace so that the FS employees don't need to keep erasing the trail. About 50' to 100' into the woods, look around for an obvious trail. Follow that to the lake.

Important: My uploaded tracks are in the opposite direction, from the lake back to the trailhead. You need to follow them in reverse.

The lake is a small lake on a granite shelf scraped clean by glaciation. It is only at 6400 feet so the forest has largely regrown. The south end of the lake is perched at the top of the canyon looking down at Donnell Lake. From this end of the lake you get a nice evening breeze, keeping the mosquitoes at bay. You also can watch the alpen glow on the high peaks of Emigrant Wilderness and Sonora Pass.

This is a good trip for families. Enjoy!
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