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  • Fénykép Cairn Gorm - Scotland (UK)

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közel Inverdruie, Scotland (United Kingdom)

06-06-2013. Easy parking on large parking lot at ski center. To follow the "Windy ridge path" (amber coloured on the large central info board) go left from the main building to start the track. If you want to enter the restaurant or the viewing terrace at the top station you have to sign in. You can go back outside through the same entrance ; don't forget to sign out. From the Cairn Gorm summit there are different ways back down.

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  • Fénykép jordisiol

    jordisiol 2013.08.16.

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    Molt xula, fins al cim sembla port aventura pq esta tot massa delimitat però un cop dalt ja et trobes dalt d'una muntsnya i els camins ja son normals

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