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2 145 m
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közel Saraqinishtë, Gjirokastër (Albania)

When in Gjirokaster, Cajupi is right in your face, and the people of Gjirokaster get excited when talking about it - or hearing about your intention to make it to its summit.

Still, we are not aware that Cajupi is climbed very often by visitors, though shepherds are going there regularly as evidenced by the many water holes on and behind the mountain. Shepherd and dog activity start only when the snow is gone, and an earlier time of the year might be advisable. May seems to be perfect.

The west face of Cajupi is fairly steep, and the ascent while not difficult is not for those not accustomed to heights. Perhaps this is a reason why Cajupi doesn't see many visitors, or does not appear in the guidebooks.

An early start is advisable.No potable water along the trail

The vicinity to Gjirokaster allows to stay in comfortable hotels without losing much time in the morning. For the drive to the trailhead see separate trail(#4498990).

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08-MAY-13 6:20:48


08-MAY-13 7:16:25


08-MAY-13 8:23:23


08-MAY-13 8:55:38


08-MAY-13 9:48:24


08-MAY-13 10:27:38

07-Cajupi Summit

08-MAY-13 11:03:50

08-Lower summit

08-MAY-13 12:08:24


08-MAY-13 12:26:29


08-MAY-13 14:18:34

5 hozzászólás

  • Fénykép Kralj

    Kralj 2013.05.21.

    Nice altitude + proper distance + adequate timing + moderate + evade rain = perfect hiking :)

  • Fénykép - Discover Albania - Discover Albania 2013.05.21.

    Always wanted to do this hike, will add the route from Fusha e Cajupit to the summit soon!

  • Fénykép Palmtreeproduction

    Palmtreeproduction 2013.05.21.

    This will be another marathon from Fushe Cajupit...

    The southern (rocky, lower) summit looks very exciting but difficult - probably better from the south

  • Fénykép Tini Hart

    Tini Hart 2013.08.07.

    I have followed this trail  View more

    A terrific hike! Great views of the surrounding areas and a really enjoyable summit ridge. Did this on a beautiful spring day in May. The mountain slopes host many wild flowers: red peonies on the lower slopes; daffodils, forget-me-nots, and many other bulbs higher up. Particularly memorable was a blue carpet of flowers on the summit ridge - which was only recently exposed by the melting snow.

  • demilo 2013.08.09.

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Great hike, fairly easy to follow on a clear day as you can always see where you've been and are heading. I particularly enjoyed the steeper sections on the ridge to the summit and the views down the other side of the mountains.

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