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közel Campillo de Adentro, Murcia (España)

A very beautiful walk. Impressive and amazing scnery.

We parked our car just after a fork in the road of the E23 coming from Campillo de Adento, were there is enough space fot a few cars. From the beginning the view towards La Azohia and Puerto de Mazarrón is fantastic. At the first turn right we followed the small road towards the TV station Centro Reemisor de Isla Plana from where you have a superb view towards Cabo Cope and further.

After that we followed the road towards rhe parking place at the Bateria de Castillitos from which place a dirt road leads you to the Cala Salitrona. This is a very beautiful part with views towards El Portús and Cartagena.

From Cala Salitrona the the track starts climbing towards the clearly visible hairpins that start at a height of 100 metres. The hairpins will take you to 140 metres and from then on the track gradually climbs to the parking place at 260 metres.

It is quite an open walk so one will need to protect oneself and take enough to drink with them.

The views are astounding from the begining to the end of this walk.

Parking place


Point of view


View Cartagena


View Batteria


Cala Salitrona

View El Portus

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  • adrimur88 2019.04.15.

    I have followed this trail  ellenőrzött  View more

    Muy buena descripción, y me ha gustado mucho esta ruta !

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