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közel Montagagne, Occitanie (France)

This is a great walk in very beautiful surroundings with splendid views.

The Col de Marrous is a good starting point for various walks in all directions.

We made one without too many altitude metres and with good views.

From the parking place we followed the yellow/red marked Tour de la Barguillere, which leads you through the woods to the Col de Blazy

From here on you will have very nice views into the valleys towards Foix, with the Caste of Foix standing out as a marking point.

The descent to the col de l' Homme gives you views towards Alzen and for a short time the Chapelle Sainte Croix is clearly visible, until you get too low,

From the Col de l'Homme we took a barely used track through the woods back to the Col de Blazy.

Then we followed the Chemin des Fontaines towards Le Courtal. This is a very beautiful stretch.

From Le Courtal we followed another barely walked track to the first clearing in the woods and then took a steep, invisible track up towards the crest of the hill. This track is overgrown with ferns and prickly juniper bushes so therefore not ideal.

Instead of taking this track it is possible to take a less steep track to the crest that starts from the left side ridge of the farm field at Le Courtal.

The views from the top are magnificent.

The stretch back to the Col de Marrous will give you great views all the time as it goes through the open fields until you reach the edge of the woods.

Parking places


Col de Blazy 1000m


View Foix


Col de l' Homme


View Foix


High point with great view

View on Pic d' Estibat

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  • Fénykép SBemo

    SBemo 2019.12.29.

    I have followed this trail  ellenőrzött  View more

    Thank you! Beautiful and easy trail. There is one climb at half way. Keep an eye on your GPS as way signs change.
    If you come by car to the start point and follow Google Maps avoid a street which is called ‘Les Bès’ on your way. It suddenly ceases to exist and you will have to turn around ;)

  • Fénykép DinkSmallwood

    DinkSmallwood 2019.12.29.

    Thanks for tour reaction, we likes this easy walk very much indeed!

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