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közel Prat-Communal, Occitanie (France)

This is a beautiful walk but it is almost completely through open country without any shade.

From the Col de Port we took the steep track up to the Pic d' Estibat. Once you get out of the trees and the broad track at 1440 m. veers to the west, we took the small track to the south east that goest up.It is a narrow but comfortable path with great views.

From the Pic d'Estibat you will have a great surrounding view. From here we took the path to the south and once arriving at 1560m. we continued to walk on staying more or less on the same height. All this time you will have a wonderful view of the Pic de la Journalada and Sommet de Peyre Blanque

When we turned back we followed the track along the fence lines towards the Sommet des Griets and then descended along the fence until we saw a small opening. From there a narrow track goes to the north west to join the track that leads up to the Pic d'Estibat, which is the easiest way to get back to the Col de Port.

However, we wanted to go via the Cabane d'Estibat (1320m). The animal tracks that we followed were sometimes not easy and sometimes you will have to find your own way.

The cabane is beautifully situated though and a nice resting point. From here, a narrow track, marked on our map, goes up into the ferns which makes for sometimes difficult going as it is almost invisible but once you get out of the ferns it will remain alright.

Parking places


Pic d'Estibat 1648m


Cattle drinking place


Opening in the fence


Cabane d 'Estibat


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