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közel Dahab, South Sinai (Egypt)

Sinai has a stunning landscape for mountain desert lovers. Unfortunately, it is no longer easy to travel around outside the main tourist resorts unless on a tour to the main sites like St Catherine's Monastery independently. The police strictly control things like independent hiking due to the ongoing tensions there. Tourists have been kidnapped so it's probably not overkill on behalf of the authorities.

This context makes the logistics of getting out of resorts like Dahab or Nuweiba a little tricky. To begin this hike, a local pick-up driver who I'd hitched a lift with inside Dahab town offered to get me out past the police checkpoint (where they will ask what you are doing, where you're going, etc.) to the mouth of Wadi Zaghra and meet me the following evening at an appointed time at the finish point back on the Dahab - Nuweiba road. Thankfully it worked.

It's a pleasant wadi walk, gently climbing and narrowing before widening out again and finishing up in a large sandy opening at about 800 metres ASL. In the middle of the wadi at its narrowest I came across some rock hyrax. The final wadi to descend back to the main road is more interesting in terms of gully features like climbing, bouldering, scrambling, rock pools, etc.

Rock hyrax


Untitled PlacemarkRight into sandy wadi




Bear right and stick to foot of cliffs


Exit Wadi Zaghra right


Clamber up to parallel wadi


    You can or this trail