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2 198 m
7,64 km

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közel Molveno, Trentino - Alto Adige (Italia)

Second of a five days trip to Brenta.

I took sentiero Osvadi Orsi (trail 303) up to south side of Bocca del Tuckett, and then down through the north side to have lunch at Rif. Tuckett.

You don't need via ferrata kit for this walk, but even though it was the first week of august I needed my crampons to descend Bocca del Tuckett. There was people going without them, but it is much more safer if you wear crampons.

If when you get to Bocca del Tuckett you're not tired and you still have 4-5 hours before sunset you can choose to go through Via Ferrata Bochette Alte (trail 305) and go to sleep at Rif. Alimonta. I chose to have lunch at Rif. Tuckett and to walk ferrata SOSAT at the afternoon.

Link to Day 2 afternoon

Rif. Pedrotti


Rif. Tuckett


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