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közel Rodney Bay, Gros-Islet (Saint Lucia)

Our hike began and ended at the Rodney Bay Marina.
This was a relatively easy hike.
We began heading North from the Marina, taking a right onto "Cas en Bas Road". This turned into a rough road that took us to Plantation Beach (the Kitesurfing School beach) and where Marjorie's Restaurant is located.
From there, the path took us up into the mountains, fields, and lovely views of the Atlantic Ocean... and... the horses with their young. Sooo beautiful!!!
As we continued hiking, we were looking for the path to take us NW of Point Hardy connecting to one of the roads in Cap Estates. We were not able to find it on this go around. We made several attempts, then gave up and turned around, retracing some of our steps back taking a parallel road to the original path we took.
We had a nice lunch stop at Marjorie's for a rest and to re-energize ourselves for the return via Cap Estates and the Golf Course.
It was a long, but great day of hiking/walking!!!


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