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közel Lővérek, Győr-Moson-Sopron megye (Magyarország)

Hotel Lover, Sopron in Hungary to Jufa Hostel and yurts, Neutal, Austria
  • Fénykép Hotel Sopron
  • Fénykép Forest gate
  • Fénykép Forest
Yes just started but don't forget to enjoy the forest and the birds. Lovely
  • Fénykép Forest gate, then right
  • Fénykép Small path on right
  • Fénykép Continue straight edge of forest
  • Fénykép Right onto vehicle track.
Forest/logging debris by roadside
  • Fénykép Left at fork
  • Fénykép Left at fork
  • Fénykép To the right, meadow ahead,
  • Fénykép First up hill, keep on up!
  • Fénykép Keep going up
Conifer understory on left and not right of track? Newly planted?
  • Fénykép On and up
  • Fénykép Top of ridge, look back to Harka and Sopron
Lake and swamp in the distance is where many Hungarians crossed to Austria at end of 1956, During Russian Retaliation for Hungarian uprising; according to James Michener 1957 book The Bridge at Andau
  • Fénykép Left along stream
  • Fénykép Out of forest, view to Harka village
  • Fénykép Curious or worried?
  • Fénykép Right at T; no arrows for a while; Harka is left.
  • Fénykép Stay on bitumen
Enjoy cherries. Mulberries. First marker for a while; we may have been off track for last kilometre!
  • Fénykép Border, into Neckenmarkt, Austria
No border formalities
  • Fénykép saint Dinatus and cherry tree with red arrow
You could instead walk through the vineyards and along the stream into Neckenmart town
  • Fénykép Neckenmarkt town sign
  • Fénykép Go up 2nd set of stairs, just after first set
  • Fénykép Downhill to railway and Hortiscon
  • Fénykép Back in the vineyards, turn tight
  • Fénykép Map on information board at shelter
  • Fénykép Straight ahead towards blue factory
  • Fénykép Veering left at gate of blue roof factory
  • Fénykép T junction busy road; go left; or right to village of Unterfraueheit (detour); two hares in mown field, nice
  • Fénykép Right at T junction towards houses; brown songlarks in their high flying loud calling mating flight, lovely!
  • Fénykép Sawmill, Unterfrauerheit village, turn left into village edge
  • Fénykép Beer left, bitumen; sign says Guterweg
  • Fénykép This is quite a busy road, long way on bitumen
  • Fénykép Do those trees hide the 'little chapel'?
A bit weary, sick of road walking
  • Fénykép Yes, they do: the chapel
  • Fénykép In the small chapel
Is that Saint Sebastian, pierced by arrows?
  • Fénykép Turn left at woods for the final 800 m to the yurts, yay!
And what are those wooden towers for? Not bird watching I think!
  • Fénykép Jufa hostel and yurts

3 hozzászólás

  • joss-d 2018.05.30.

    Photos at waypoints not all uploaded, but hopefully the trail plot works

  • joss-d 2018.05.30.

    Photos at waypoints not all uploaded, but hopefully the trail plot works

  • Fénykép cressey camino

    cressey camino 2018.06.25.

    There is an error in your route on this map ... a shorter route is available (near where there is some roaming around) directly to Harka!

  • Fénykép Alana ZM

    Alana ZM 2018.07.08.

    I have followed this trail  ellenőrzött  View more

    Great to have this info to complement the printed copy! It helps!

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