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közel Al ‘Awdah, Ash Shāriqah (United Arab Emirates)

We started off from a drop off at the top of the Wadi Warrayah road heading straight into the wadi. When arriving at the first and main pool covered in graffitti and heavily littered we headed right onto a tributary wadi.

Increasingly thick vegetation made process slow for the first 1.6km/1 mile, where we forcefully rammed our way through the growth at times.

However after this point the wadi was open and easy and we meandered averaging a westerly direction, while covering every other direction in doing so. The steep banks meant that it was impossible to see beyond the wadi itself so keeping track of turns and directions is key, as the landscape is otherwise void of navigable features. Numerous deep pools (Some clean, some green) allowed for some great cooling off swimming sessions.

The general rule for the route is stick left at any splits in the wadi, and we past 2 key junctions ending up at the top of the wadi at around midday (4 hours in). We turned northwards and followed a rocky arete to the ridge line. The rocks at times were so loose you could remove them and reinsert them as easily as opening a cupboard draw.

At the top, the views were stunning, being able to look back over the wadi we had travelled as well as looking inland. We followed the ridge along heading towards jebel dad with minimal issues, but so as to have sufficent daylight hours for possible obsticals on an unknown route we dropped off the ridge heading for the Masafi road.

A steep but easy descent took us all the way to the villages with only a small smoothed off steep wadi section at the last section to add some excitement. Beautiful date palm farms and again some deep wadi pools lined the lower wadi sections, running straight to the pick up point at the main road, without the usual stretched-out lower wadi walkout.

Trip took 8 hours. (Wadi Warrayah has since been closed for protection)

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