2 201 m
1 972 m
8,2 km

Megtekintve 329 alkalommal, letöltve 13 alkalommal

közel Weyer, Salzburg (Austria)

Why worthwhile? Beautiful lookout mountain that isn’t to much touristy. With view of the Hohe Tauern and Kitzbühler Alpen (with Grosser Rettenstein).

Starting point: In Neukirchen we take the Wildkogelbahn up. At the bottom of the cable railway there is a large parking lot (beside the Spar Markt). [Neukirchen 856m. – Oberpinzgau – Pingzau].

Total time: 2½ hours.

Difficulty Rating: 3

Details: Well marked trip over well worn out mountain paths that are often full with loose stones – especially near the top and consequently the descent (‘trittsicherheit’ necessary). During the trip you also need to go over a few ‘stairs’ that help you across fences, but sometimes these are fences you just have to climb over. These can be difficult points for some people! (might need help from others).

Route description:

At the bergstation of the Wildkogelbahn we find signs towards Ghf Wolkenstein and also towards Frühmesser. We go left and follow the supply road. First we descend about 75 height metres to Ghf Wolkenstein. Here we follow the reasonably steep rising supply road to the mountain station of a ski elevator (red-white-red markings). Past the ski elevator past the Braunkogel on the right side. Than the supply road becomes a small path that first goes towards the mountain station of the Frühmesser ski elevator. From here the last climb to the top of the Frühmesser follows via a well worn out stoney path with several steeper passages.

Over the top we go further in northern direction. After, first, a short steep descent over loose (gravel-) stones we come to a fork in the road. Here we go right to the Herrnsteig Scharte (also see sign). On the Herrnsteig Scharte (2028m) we go right (southern direction) and climb over the fence. We now walk across this beautiful path (road number 740 / 702A) past the flank of the Frühmesser back in the direction of the Wildkogelbahn. We cross over several small water streams. The path descends a bit in the beginning after which we rise again. Afterwards the road stays reasonably level across a large alm. We walk past the Rinderbirg Alpe and in doing so reach Ghf. Wolkenstein. Now we walk back to the Wildkogelbahn in 10 to 15 minutes.

Done in 2004.


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