56 m
-54 m
8,06 km

Megtekintve 12 alkalommal, letöltve 2 alkalommal

közel Elst, Utrecht (Nederland)

This is the GPS track of the green trail as signposted consistently all along the way. Without fail you can safely follow the green marks without de GPS track.

There is an info panel at the T O P (Toeristisch Overstap Punt) on Burgwal, Amerongen where the track is displayed.
Although indicated as a 7.4 km track my GPS showed another distance, namely 8.4 km.

This track starts at the end of Bosweg, Elst, but you can start from at least 2 other, easily accessible, spots, Burgwal rotonde carpark and the one near Berghuis restaurant.

The highlights are described on the website of Recreatie Midden Nederland and include a fantastic view on the Betuwe area, a historic tobacco shed and field, an ancient column mentioning "Hoge Heerlijkheid Elst, Ginkel Amerongen" (a former indication of a kind of municipality) as well as a good view towards the north from Elsterkop / Elsterberg (with info panel).

Tip: don't forget to spot the column on your left at a crossroads (where you turn right) on Galgenberg. It's just about 15 steps away from the track.


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