374 m
145 m
12,5 km

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közel Mortmar, California (United States)

This hike is a Mecca Hills hike we call Grottos 2 to 1. This hike is not for beginners and a GPS is recommended if not essential. There are at least 4 hikes that can begin at the same parking lot off Box Canyon Road. Grottos 1, Grottos 2, Hidden Palms and Sheep's Hole. Each of the Grottos hikes can be done as in and back hikes. This hike goes into Grottos 2 over the hill and into the "exit" of Grottos 1 and return to the parking lot via Sheep's Hole. It would be easy of addd a side trip to Hidden Springs on the return as a lunch stop. The turn to Hidden Springs is one waypoint that I've included. Grottos 2 has some very tight place you need to craw though so it's not for anyone who claustrophobic and at top of the ridge after exiting Grottos 2 the ridge is very narrow and both sids drop off sharply so not for those afraid of heights. Long pants, headlamp, GPS and someone that has done the hike before and has an idea of the path are strongly recommended. Even leaving Grottos 2 on the way the ridge they are lots of washes that all look alike so getting lost is easy.

Hidden Spring Turn

Entry into Hidden Spring Oasis

Grottos 1 entry turn

Turn into Grottos 1

Grottos parking


Grottos 2 entry

Entry point for Grottos 2

Grottos 2 exit


Grottos Summit

The high point after exiting Grottos 2.


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