• Fénykép Gunung Semeru (volcano)
  • Fénykép Gunung Semeru (volcano)

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2 092 m
17,56 km

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közel Ranupane Satu, Jawa Timur (Indonesia)

Gunung Semeru is the highest mountain of Java, 3676 meters above sea level. The Semeru is an active volcano with a small eruption every 15 minutes, so please check the current conditions before heading there. It is possible to do the hike in two days, but most Indonesian people use three or even four days.
Day 1: Ranu Pani-->Kalimati
Day 2: Kalimati-->summit Semeru-->Ranu Pani

Getting there
The hike starts in a small village Ranu Pani. You can get there by arranged transport by jeep in Malang (expensive!), or get as far as possible by public transport (often Tumpang) and arrange your transport there. A jeep is handy but not 100% required.
At Ranu Pani you can buy your permit. Make sure you have a copy of your passport and health certificate with you. If you leave on a Saturday you have to pay more, and because of the weekend it will also be much more busy. Make sure you receive the current information because the track changed partly for a few times in the last years.

Start of the track
Continu the road in Ranu Pani and leave the village. After 500 meters you will see a gate with a welcome sign on your right. Take this path and keep left after few hundred meters. After this the track is quite easy, just follow the path for the rest of the day.

Kalimati is the last campground before the summit. Pitch your tent and take a good rest:)

The last part to the top
We left at 1 am in the night to see the sunrise (and arrived just in time). Most people will leave a bit earlier. Take the path going up the mountain near the shelter.
Do not underestimate the last part to the summit! It is only 3km horizontal, but 1km vertical on loose rock! It was a tough hike, while we are quite experienced hikers.
And make sure you bring enough warm clothes, it can be really cold at the top!

Getting back
When reaching Ranu Pani again jeeps will be waiting for tourists to take you back to Malang. If you did not do enough yet you can your hike to Bromo:)


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