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7,32 km


389 m

Nehézségi szint



389 m

Max elevation

411 m



Min elevation

206 m

Trail type

  • Fénykép Hiking on historical WWI trails in Kobarid, Slovenia




2018. december 16.


december 2018

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411 m
206 m
7,32 km

Megtekintve 385 alkalommal, letöltve 13 alkalommal

közel Kobarid, Kobarid (Slovenija)

Why worthwhile? Quiet forest paths, a lot of history and a magical waterfall. A beautiful combination! Route including GPS / GPX data.

Starting point: Kobarid [Julian Alps, Gorenjska]

Time: 2½ - 3 hours

Details: well marked forest paths, yet several steep descents across narrow paths. Good hiking shoes are necessary.

Route description:

From the centre of Kobarid we walk in northern direction, immediately climbing steeply on an asphalted road towards the large ossuarium for the perished Italian soldiers during WWI. (Anton Padovanski church, see the road signs).

We pass this on the left and go into the woods and follow a broad and clear path (keep left). We pass by an exit further on to Veliki Rob and after a while the path takes a large turn to the right. Shortly thereafter we can take wooden steps to the right up to an old archaeological settlement Tonocov Grad.

We go back down to the path and continue our descent to the right. A descent across a narrow path alongside a steep flank follows. This partially goes across steep stone steps (be careful!) We reach the main road between Kobarid and Bovec and cross it. At the other side we again follow a narrow path which descends steeply. Via old trenches we eventually reach a broad forest path. We follow it to the right (south) and a little further on we follow a path to the left that descends to a new bridge across the Soča river.

We cross it and we stay to the left. Without deviating from the route we follow along the Kozjak river on a quiet forest path and after a while we reach the special Veliki Kozjak waterfall.

We go back the way we came, yet before we reach the bridge across the Soča River we have to look out for an exit to the left (going up). A forest path takes us past war remnants again. Passing these we descend again and end up on a broad path (high) above the river. We follow it in southern direction and after a while we turn away from the river. The path crosses over in to a broad forest path and goes past camping Kamp Koren. We reach an asphalted road and follow it down towards the beautiful and imposing Napoleon's bridge.

We cross it and go left up towards Kobarid. At the village border we keep right and in short time reach the centre this way.

Done in 2012.


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