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közel Košice, Košický (Slovenská republika)

Historical road
Because of the project Erasmus+ Can you tell me the way to... tracing our european heritage o foot students of 3.grade visited historical town Košice which is the second biggest town in Slovakia. In the past Košice was important crossroad of many trades roads. The town has a lot of historical monuments. We chose this town because of its importance in the past. Our work was to prepare two days itinerary accompanied by workshops. As a part of our school curriculum we managed to prepare excursion of 10 most significant sights in Kosice.
Jakab´s palace is a neo-Gothic building in Košice, standing on the corner of Mlynská and Štefánikova Street, near the Mlynský náhon stream. The building was designed by Peter Jakab, the author of many eclectic buildings. It belongs among the national cultural monuments.
The Saint Michael Chapel is a Gothic style chapel in Košice, Slovakia.[ It was probably erected in the first half of the 14th century. It was built as a cemetery chapel inside the town walls in the place of the present-day park at Hlavná ulica. The patron of the dead, Saint Michael the Archangel, trampling the Devil, is shown on the facade.
The St. Elisabeth Cathedral is a Gothic cathedral in Košice. It is Slovakia's biggest church, as well as one of the easternmost Gothic cathedrals in Europe. The record of the existence of Košice, dating from 1230, is connected with the existence of the rectory church.
The Urban Tower in Košice, Slovakia is originally a Gothic prismatic campanile with a pyramidal roof. It was erected in the 14th century. A church bell installed in the tower has been dedicated to Saint Urban, the patron of vine-dressers. The bell was cast in a mould by the bell-founder Franciscus Illenfeld of Olomouc in 1557. It´s weight is 7 tonnes.
The tradition of the theatre in košice is 600 long is . The correct building of the theatre was established in 105. The State theatre to be on of the most beautiful theatres in Europe.
The junction house in Košice is a building on Hlavná Street. On the parcel where the Jungle House stands today, there once stood two gorgeous mosque houses.
Dominican´s church It is the oldest church of the city, the oldest preserved object of Košice. He is consecrated to the Assumption of Our Lady. Its tower, 8 meters above the tower, Elisabeth and therefore the Dominican Church is the highest historical building of Košice.
In the Picture is the Former Town Hall. On the side of the Former Town Hall were build Burgess Houses. It was used until 1928.
The Mikluš´s prison comes from the first half of the 15th century. It was created by joining two Gothic burgher houses. In the 17th century the city prison and torture chamber was established here. Between 1872 and 1909, the building was used as a city police prison. The prison was reconstructed by the museum, which has owned the building since 1911. Today a permanent exposition of the East Slovak museum is displayed here, related to the history of the city and the building itself.
Andrássy Palace is a neo-baroque building in Košice, standing on the corner of Main and White Street. Andrási's palace stands in a place where three smaller mosque houses were built in the Middle Ages. In 1982, the building was declared a cultural monument and later was converted into a national cultural monument.


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