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Koordináták 1973

Uploaded 2011. december 19.

Recorded december 2011

1 040 m
429 m
7,39 km

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közel As Sumaynī, Muḩāfaz̧at al Buraymī (Oman)

Hike to Jebel Sumaini in Oman

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  • Fénykép Miriup

    Miriup 2011.12.20.

    This is such an awesome mountain! I attempted to go up twice. The first time we got lost and didn't make it very far. The second time the guy heading down went into the wrong Wadi and too fast for us to notify him, so we had to follow into the unknown.

    This is the recorded part of the track: http://www.sports-tracker.com/#/workout/Miriup/6dd9imuqdp74umsl

    We went the valley up that has the "Start" marker in it. Let me know if you're gonna do or want to do any tours between Christmas and New Year.


  • Fénykép rperezalbores

    rperezalbores 2011.12.20.

    Hi Dirk, it looks quite a short route from the 'start' marker and quite high as well. Did you drive all the way to that point?

    There are some nice treks coming up in January organized by the UAE trekkers group (http://www.meetup.com/UAEtrekkers/). Feel free to sign up and join us.

  • Fénykép Miriup

    Miriup 2011.12.20.

    Oh, thanks for the meetup link. No I did absolutely not drive all the way up there. My mediocre GPS is didn't download the full ephemeris before. We started at the bottom of the wadi where the "Start" marker is located in.

  • mikhailfranco 2013.09.12.

    Here are some photos from my hike:


    I started further north, from the dry wadi to the south of the green squares.


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