825 m
244 m
16,64 km

Megtekintve 546 alkalommal, letöltve 6 alkalommal

közel Kavečany, Košický (Slovenská republika)

Whole day hike with beautiful views from the top of the hills. You don´t need GPS, just follow the red mark from beginning to the end. It takes about 6 hours with time for rests but it isn´t difficult route, it is just long... You can start in Košice (Čermel) and follow red mark or you can make it shorter and start in Kavečany where you can get with a bus number 29. From Kysak you can get back to Košice with a train, it has realy frequent connection. The opposite way (from Kysak to Košice/Kavečany) is possible too. It is also a good bike route.
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