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közel Rafā‘, Sharjah (United Arab Emirates)

UPDATE (June-2020): The military / police has banned entering the beach area. (They put a sign board on top of Al Rabi Trail to prevent access of people to the beach)

This is the second time we went to the hidden gem in khorfakkan. This time we started from Al Rabi tower with easy walking trail for about 2km to the top. After that going down to the beach though lose rocks. It was organized by Adventure Explorers group. We had many beach activities including yoga, volleyball etc.

While coming back we took relatively easy way because many of us were tired by the fun and activities thus they wanted to come back ASAP. But later we realized that the route is actually not allowed to go because of the military / port area. So not recommended to come back through that way.

Overall its a nice group hiking with relatively easy path.


This is the top point of this trail and you can see the first view of the beach from here. Camping can also be done here.


You can see a shed where people used to camp under


Some flowers!


We had some pictorial / rest under the shades


Another view of beach while coming back




walking though mud road


walking through wadi to the finish point

3 hozzászólás

  • Mayyar Al Jabri 2020.05.29.

    I have followed this trail  ellenőrzött  View more

    Please be careful and read :

    I did this route it was so nice going up and reaching the camping site

    Don’t go down to the beach , super rocky, slippery, steep, once you reach the beach it’s Super hard to go back up !

    I highly recommend to turn back at the camping site and you’ll enjoy it more than regretting going down to the beach

    No network coverage down at the beach beware!

  • Fénykép Muhasin Pallikkal

    Muhasin Pallikkal 2020.05.31.

    Dear Mayyar,

    Its a trek to secret beach.. For sure lose rocks / difficulties will be there, that's why not many people are accessing there and it called a hidden gem..

    Even the trial you followed is relatively easy compared to the other trail to the same destination which i did earlier in January (available in my profile)

    They say "the way to heaven is difficult"

    FYI, we did this trial with 30 people and all came back safely!

  • Amy.c 2020.11.14.

    Hey explorers!
    We would like to do this hike, do you know if the beach is still closed?
    At what time would you recommend to start?
    Thank you for your input!

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