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közel Prince Rupert, British Columbia (Canada)

The Kiwanis trail from the Wantage road side is still quite well used, however most of these trails were established more than thirty years ago and have NOT been well maintained, so in some sections are overgrown or strewn with windfall trees and the route is in general steep and mucky, and requires considerable effort but the the trail can still be followed and is flagged. A lot of the old boardwalk sections, and wood bridges are a bit sketchy and very slippery but still useable but barely and not for much longer without some upkeep and replacing soon. This trail is within walking distance from anywhere in Prince Rupert, and is another little used gem, the alpine meadows, marshes, and ponds on the upper portions of the trail and mountain are very beautiful. Not to mention almost the entire route is under old growth rainforest.


Oldfield kiwanis connector intersect

three trails intersect at this point. From here You can go Down towards Butze and Hwy.#16, or to the summit of Mt. Oldfield, or across the upper meadows towards Mt.Hays

My. Oldfield Summitt

Beautiful spot but in truth a disappointing limited view, as there is no prominent summit and you are in thick old growth rainforest.

old wooden bridge

Be Careful very slippery and sketchy

old bridge

very slippery and sketchy be careful


Mt. Oldfield trailhead

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  • Robert Blain 2015.02.20.

    pretty sketchy, what your step.

  • Robert Blain 2015.02.20.

    tha handrails have long since rotted off, be very careful.

  • Sree konduri 2016.07.25.

    I have followed this trail  View more

    I've followed the Kiwanis trail. The trail is not well maintained. We got off trail at least 4 times but you can use GPS to get back on trail. There are some gorgeous meadows and creeks along the way. The trail gets steeper at few points and it is a good workout for the legs; however, we went after a rainy day so some might find it slippery (considering the amount of rain Rupert receives through out the year). I am a novice in hiking so I felt the trail was a bit difficult (wet, slippery, and more than couple steep points). I somehow was not exhausted by the time we reached the summit, partly due to the company I had and short snack breaks along the hike. Also blueberries everywhere! There're a couple viewpoints from the summit. It is beautiful to see the ocean and mountains from there. On our way down (we walked the road) we came across a few creeks and couple beautiful waterfalls, some more viewpoints. Overall, it is a great hike (6.5 km going up took us 4.5 hrs, 7.5km coming down was 2hrs) for any hiker. I'd not recommend it for people who don't like getting wet. It's a pretty wet hike.

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