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közel Marigold, British Columbia (Canada)

This walk traverses eight different parks in Saanich, a pleasant two hour walk. Park at Hyacinth Park on Marigold between Interurban and Carey Rd. Follow the Colquitz River Trail past Panama Flats and over Panama Hill Park to Roy Rd. Left on Roy across Interurban and up to Strawberry Knoll Park. Descend to go left on Holland Drive and left again at Hastings. Right on Delmar , past the school and community center to traverse Rosedale park. Come out on Lidgate Court and carefully cross Interurban. proceed up Helen to Knocken Drive. traverse over the Knocken Knolls past Stranton Lodge. Cross West Burnside and traverse the Welland Legacy Park to the galloping Goose Trail. Go left on the GG and left again at Belgravia. Right on Burnside and cross at Cardie Court. A walkway on the right takes you to marogold Park. Travese the park , cross Iris and through the walkway to Mina. Right on Mina, then left on Grange Rd. Soon left again on Violet that takes you back across Interurban at the lights to the Hyacinth Park.

This walk can be extended to a full day by adding the Layritz Loop. See https://www.wikiloc.com/wikiloc/view.do?id=21319284 This adds 7 km, 2 hours and 4 parks. Stay on the Colquitz River trail crossing at Roy Rd. Follow through across Carey Rd and though Copley West Park, then crossing Vanalman at Mann. Follow the rebuilt Colquitz River trail to the bridge at Wllkinson, then right to cross to Quick's Bottom Park. Traverse the park to turn left at Markham then right at the Y intersection. Take the trail through the woods skirting the parking lot towards the lake,. At the lake turn around towards Camosun College on the Glendale trail.Cross the parking lot and climb Layritz Hill with the tower. Traverse the hill down to turn left on Glyn Rd . take North Rd right and Alan left to Wilkinson . Jog a block on Wilkinson to cross at Loenholm Rd. This leads to the Colqiutz river trail. Roy Rd is a block on the left to return to the Knocken Loop.


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