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  • Fénykép Knokke-Het Zwin-Knokke

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közel Knokke, Flanders (Belgique)

Slightly modified version of "Cadzand bad - Knokke - Het Zwin" published by Westwandelingen on Wikiloc. Starting from Knokke station.

If it's too windy along the beach, take the dunes. Also, be prepared to be outnumbered by bikes coming back next to Het Zwin and along International Dijk. Once you turn into Graaf Leon Lippensdref, you can cross the road and walk in peace next to the fields. It's fairly long along these parts but gets more interesting when you turn into Kortestraat.

Be sure to check the tides before you go, so you can cross over to The Netherlands! You'll still probably have to take your shoes off though.

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  • Fénykép m0rtim3r

    m0rtim3r 2017.08.27.

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    Very nice trail in good weather.

  • indesteege 2018.11.03.

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    Mooie route. Deels door bewoonde kern, grootste deel natuur.
    Route is in te korten

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