1 864 m
840 m
12,9 km

Megtekintve 226 alkalommal, letöltve 9 alkalommal

közel Karydochóri, Central Macedonia (Greece)

We start from the road connecting the refuge and skiing chalet. Once we reach skiing area we ascend through the slope going uphill to the summit. The summit is on the left after the ski lift towers end. If there is fog or clouds you wont be able to see it clearly.
To descend we find the path to the refuge going down and left. There will be red signposts on the path.

Once in the refuge you can enjoy a stop for a cofee or tea. then again enter in the mountain towards Oreini. Here, there are no signs. After 200m you come out to the asphalt road and in about 200m more you get on the left in to the forest. We descend to the creek and follow the river all along to the village. The last part will be in the forestal road.

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