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Recorded november 2020

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közel Langbroek, Utrecht (Nederland)

Around Langbroek and south of Doorn there are quite a number of historic castles and estates. This walk includes a few of these.

In front of the village hall in Langbroek you'll see an info panel proposing four different tracks. This walk here covers the yellow and green trail.

Surprisingly there were no signposts on the way, so unfortunately I mistakenly took a left turn where I should have continued some hundred meters further on.
On the track I'm sharing here you'll see a waypoint outside of the track (knppunt 47); that's where the left turn should have been, onto a road called Strijp.
This is also the edge of the Moersbergen estate, although you won't be able to spot it, it's well hidden from sight at this end.

On discovering the mistake I walked back and forth towards the crossroads with Strijp and indicated this with another waypoint (knppunt 48), just so you won't have to make the same mistake.

The highlight for me was the Weerdensteijn castle in an idyllic setting, well hidden off the beaten track. At first you only see a white farmstead, but if you keep walking the castle appears on your right, a detour not to be missed.

The only part where you won't have solid grounds to walk on is the first part, until you reach Gooijerdijk.

Dorpshuis De Toekomst

This where the walk starts. The info panel is in front of the building.

Knppunt 57


Knppunt 60


Knppn 51


Knppunt 48

Near Strijp



Weerdensteijn castle


Knppunt 49


Lunenburg castle


Knppunt 47

This is where Strijp starts.


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