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közel Murat, Guadeloupe (Guadeloupe)

Once again... we FORGOT to turn off Wikiloc, so our log shows driving time and distance as well!!!
This was actually a 3-1/2 hr hike. We noted that Wikiloc distance was WAY OFF on this one!!! The actual distance was about 5 miles (8 kilometers). That included about a 1/2 mile detour we took when we missed a trail marking at the first grassy pasture! (detail below)
This hike was marked as EASY in our guide book, but we don't want to mislead anyone, therefore rated it as MODERATE since about half the trail was concentrated roots, slippery rocks or slippery mud where every step mattered.
The hike began across the street from the Habitation Murat. The trail was well marked... but in TWO SPOTS it was NOT OBVIOUS where to find the markings.
Our first error was when we reached a beautiful grassy field with an obvious "incorrect" path. THERE, at the fence seperating the sugar cane from the pasture, just as the grassy field began, we needed to TURN LEFT INTO THE SUGAR CANE FIELD, and walk along the sugar cane,IN the tall grasses, to reach the forest!!!
The forest was lovely. It was actually in a ravine. The walk was over many large roots covering the floor bed of the path.
This took you to an point where you began walking along the Coulée Ouliée dry rocky riverbed.
Just beyond this this point, the walk in the forest became a walk on, up and down rocks. Not difficult, but you needed to be careful as many were quite slippery.
Eventually, you reached another grassy area, then more woods, more grass, then a walk along a wet stream-like area. For most of the way, we were able to find alternates in the forest along the wet areas. Had it been in the rainy season, this might not have been possible and shoes would definitely be wet!!!
Eventually, we reached another grassy area near a sugarcane field. The trail went THROUGH THE TALL GRASSES up to the road.
This hike was actually quite beautiful.
In the forest, the variety of trees and roots of the trees were magnificent!!!
At the road, you reach the historic "la mare du Punch" (The Punch Bowl)... then follow the road to paths that take you back down to where you began.
Note: If it had been raining a lot before during this hike, you would definitely be walking in water in the stream area!!! And, more care would be needed in the rocky areas as it would be quite slippery!
In all... a lovely day's outing!!!!


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