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közel Rhenen, Utrecht (Nederland)

Although usually loop walks are preferred on the whole, this one-way track can easily be managed by taking a bus (number 50) from bus stop "Molen, Elst" towards Rhenen, where you get off at bus stop "Paardenveld" (one stop before the centre of Rhenen).
Make sure to take bus 50 in the direction of Wageningen.

Near bus stop Molen there is easy parking in front of a pancake restaurant, or otherwise a little further down at the end of Oude Weg, with room for at least 20 cars.

Once you get off the bus at Paardenveld you have wide views across Palmerswaard and towards the river Nederrijn. The walk starts out by entering this floodplain area / uiterwaard, managed by Utrechts Landschap. Just follow the white-capped poles. When you leave the area, cross N 225 and turn right on the cycle path. When you've reached the blue sign with Rhenen, turn left uphill into Berkenweg.

From here the trail is through the woods and across some beautiful meadows. Soon you'll pick up the white and red signs of Trekvogelpad, which you follow all the way to Elst (and if you like, further on to Amerongen with its castle).

One particular highlight is the Kwintelooijen area with extensive views towards Veenendaal and all the way to Wageningen. Another is the part where you cross Plantage Willem III, a former tobacco plantation with a unique landscape (and some ancient burial grounds).

Warmly recommended, giving you a fantastic walk across Utrechtse Heuvelrug.

The walk ends at the pancake restaurant (called Sturms) but if you have the time and energy you can extend your walk by crossing the N225 and by following the white and red signs all the way to Amerongen castle and its gardens (worth a visit, for sure). The same bus 50 can also serve you here, at the Amerongen Dorp bus stop. Along N225 you can also park your car there (or the large carpark at Burgwal).

Last alternative is to park you car a the bottom of the hill, near bus stop Paardenveld, in Rhenen and hike from there, to take the bus back later.
Bus stop

Bus stop Paardenveld

There is also a parking area at the bottom of the hill.



Hek 2


Hek 3



This is where you start following the white and red signs of the Trekvogelpad, a long distance path.



View 2


Look right

If you take a short detour to the right here, you'll have an even better view of the Kwintelooijen area, with its long staircase downhill. That's at the end of the tree-lined lane on your right, looking towards the end of the (tree) "tunnel".

Willem III Plantation


Best view bench


Monument wo 2

Bus stop

Bus stop

Molen, Elst


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