493 m
386 m
23,94 km

Megtekintve 2418 alkalommal, letöltve 88 alkalommal

közel Borgo dei Pini Mercadante, Puglia (Italia)

This is an easy to follow track through the forest Mercadante. There are already quite a few tracks here, but I decided to publish this one. It starts at a different point than most of the published tracks and has as advantage that you can shorten it by making a short cut at a few places. So if the weather is not as nice as expected, you are only 3 km away from the starting point, but it may take a bit longer to get to the car depending on which track you take back.

Along the track, you will pass by several picnic places as well as a few holiday resorts, some in better shape than others. After around 9km, you will come by a restaurant and after about 17km you will pass by a B&B that also serves food. There is also a Treetop Ropes Adventure Course you will pass by, but you may want to do that another time unless you are not tired yet.

After about 24km you will be back at your starting point.

For the track, I would have marked it as "easy", but due to the length, I've marked it as "Moderate". You could do this track with kids, but then you will probably make it shorter.

This track can also be done on an ATB.


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