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közel Masada, Southern District (Israel)

Great hike in the Dead Sea area. Start and end is at Nahal Zeelim campsite. If you the trail in the clockwise direction it's first half will have lots of shade from the canyon walls. The trail is rather easy, and can be simplified even further if you go up the Maale Namer (instead of continuing to Ein Namer and then going up). Recommended for late autumn and winter months.

Narrow riverbed

This section features very narrow and smooth riverbed, evidence to extremely strong flows. At one place there is a ~5m climb secured with a rope

Ein Namer

The map is confusing here - red trail appears to be a dead-end trail to Ein Namir, however this is the trail that will take you up to the black trail leading up

Nahal Harduf crossing

Don't miss the great views of the Nahal Harduf canyon

Way down

Here begins the downward path back to the Nahal Zeelim camping

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  • Fénykép miri95

    miri95 2018.05.02.

    It's snapping trek?

  • Fénykép matan toledano

    matan toledano 2018.08.22.

    I have followed this trail  View more

    I recomand this trail but it not easy

You can or this trail