6,78 km


527 m

Nehézségi szint



527 m

Max elevation

680 m



Min elevation

257 m

Trail type



4 óra 44 perc




2018. október 23.


október 2018
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680 m
257 m
6,78 km

Megtekintve 288 alkalommal, letöltve 8 alkalommal

közel Shënmëri, Lezhë (Albania)

We call 'Front Range' the chain of mountains that starts with Dajti Mountain east of Tirana, and continues to the north with Brar, Gomnit, Kruja, Rakshanit. All these mountains offer exceptional hiking, which we have described on Wikiloc and elsewhere. Next in the chain is a mountain whose name is given as Maja e Buzes së Gurthit on the old Nato maps, with a height of 763 Meters. In the western foothills lies the village of Shemri, which can be reached on a rough road from Mamuras, preferrably with a high clearance vehicle.

There are little used mule paths from Shemri to Mafsheq, a collection of homesteads behind the front range, that are otherwise difficult to reach.

We followed a beautiful path skirting the mountainside, with a plan to return in some sort of a loop. At the edge of Mafsheq, we first met one çoban (shepherd) who sent us in one direction, and then another who sent us back where we came from, both extolling their views that no other ways would exist that would bring us safely home before nightfall. In the end, we returned the way we came, but resolved to come back to find a circular hike that would fully explore this beautiful area.

SH 01-Parking


SH 02-Church


SH 03-Up


SH 04-View


SH 05-Important Fork


SH 06-Fence


SH 07-Cave

1 comment

  • Fénykép joe143773@gmail.com

    joe143773@gmail.com 2020. jan. 3.

    I done this trail in September. Very nice. At the end of the path we arrived at a few house area, people lived there or worked. In the cave near the fenced area we dicovered
    a surprise !
    My wife want to go to the toilet and searched a good place. She found the cave and went in.
    Several packages welded in plastic for removal were stacked there! She wondered.
    It was very suspicious-looking because it was covered with branches.
    So i opened one and it smelled clearly, i know this odor, like best strong marijuana. I estimated many 100 kilos. 300-500 perhaps.
    Nice place we think. This is a special farm with special plants.
    Because our trip ended here we returned. And then two two fully loaded mulis with very big marijuana plants i never seen before crossed our way.
    The sheperd or farmer run away in the moment he heard us.Pehaps he thinked we are police men.?
    So the mulis stopped immediatelly. The path was very small so we have had problem to pass the mulis.
    But the farmer was friendly he saw we are not the police. He wondered about tourists in this place but he said hello and gone his way. So we went our way in the tale.
    So dear Mr.Palmtree.
    Do you know this guys ?
    Do you make business with this guys ?
    Perhaps you may give me a telephone number to contact this guys in my next holidays over there in Albania.
    Back at the camping place near Krujë the local made me an offer 2000,-€ (!)one Kilo marijuana. I think it was a joke!
    Probably he think i am a rookie. Sure Do you think so too.
    So next time we must talk with your buddies in Kruje i think.
    Many regards from Joe in Germany

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