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közel Vusanje (Montenegro)

Maja Jezercës and Maja Rosit are two classical ascents from the Ropojanski Zastan. This can be reached by a track in decent, piecewise bad, condition, from Vusanje, following the wonderful Ropojana valley.
From the Zastan (1322) you first reach the lakes, Buni i Jezercës, located at around 1900 m. At this point, you are already in Albanian territory. Continuing straight, you arrive at a saddle on the main watershed. Here, on the right, starts the climb to Maja Jezercës (Jezerski Vrh), highest summit of the Prokletije. The terrain is rocky, but never problematic, except I guess with bad weather.
The interesting part of this track, however, is where it shows how to traverse from the lakes to the Maja Rosit, which is commonly the target of a wholly different excursion. I guessed the path step after step, on the rocky mountain flank that on an old Jugoslavian map is named Popljuga. Hence, there is no guarantee that what I propose be the best way to proceed. However, at the end it worked, allowing me to reach the Maja Rosit (Rosni Vrh) in a time which was less than the half of what had been predicted me by a shepherd working close to the lakes. Shepherd that I met later, down at the Zastan, where I was hosted for the night, although the Zastan does no longer offer official accommodation.

For the understanding of the Prokletije, which is indeed no "easy" region, I encourage the reader to follow the links provided below the main panoramas - there are also some 360°. These links point to a site where photos can be labelled showing the names of summits. In the labelling I was helped by mail by Ahmet Rekovic, a member of the very active Plav Mountaneering Group. I have to thank him very gratefully!

As for statistics.
The Maja Jezercës, as highest top of the Prokletije, ranks fifth in height among the mountains of the Balkans, after Musala (2925), Olympus (2917), Vihren (2914) and Korab (2751).
The Maja Rosit, at 2525 m, ranks third in height among the mountains of Montenegro, after the Zla Kolata (2534), the Dobra Kolata (2528) and right before the Durmitor (2522).

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Zastan, 1332

The start of the trekking. The Zastan does not provide official accommodation, but try and ask...

Vodopad, 990

The waterfall little outside Vusanje. There are also some shelters in the vicinity.

Bunker, 1805

There is a concrete bunker above the lower lakes of Buni Jezercës, which are called Liqeni i Madh. A good alternative to camping...

Maja Rosit, 2525

A wonderful panoramic summit

Maja Jezercës, 2694

Highest summit of the Prokletije, lying entirely in Albanian territory.

Fork to Liqeni i Gjeshtarës

With few minutes walking you can reach a further lake. Track to the lake not recorded due to battery exhaustion!

Zastan view

From this point you have an aerial view on the Zastan!

Karanfili view

From this point one enjoys a very fine view on the whole Karanfili group.Begin of the steep descent to the Zastan.

Qafa i Farumit

Although named after the saddle on the watershed, this waypoint is set somewhat north, at the stone with the red signpost seen in the first photo.

Valbona view

Few metres blow the summit of Maja Rosit there is an excellent panoramic point over Valbona.

Qafa i Valjbons

Saddle on the main Prokletije watershed. Here the view opens on the Majet e Zabores, on the Albanian side.


This is the name that I found on an old Jugoslavian map for this NNW mountain flank between the lakes and the Maja Rosit. The precise waypoint is set at the little hill with burnt trees shown in the first photo.

Above a little valley

This is a section where I believe that my track can be largely improved, remaining somewhat on the right. However, the place is scenic.

Liqeni i Lulashit

This lake remains somewhat hidden while walking from the Zastan to Buni Jezercës. Maybe you discover it from higher up. At this lake begins my pathless traverse to Maja Rosit.

Buni i Jezercës

Theis waypoint is set close to che central ones among the Buni i Jezercës region

Liqeni i Madh i Jezercës

The highest lake, which is also the biggest.


Although in late August, I met big snowfields in the upper section of this valley, enclosed among Maja e Kofacit, Maja e Kokervhakes and Maja Jezercës. Little more, and crampons would have been needed!

Saddle 2331

Saddle on the watershed, between Maja Jezercës S and Maja Kokervhakes N. Here the view opens on Maja Popluks. The climb to the highest summit of the Prokletije starts on the right.

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