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közel Puerto de Güimar, Canarias (España)

The Malpais de Guimar is a fascinating, volcanic area between Puertito de Guimar and El Socorro. The walk through the lava fields is characterised by a stark, volcanic landscape contrasting with the beautiful, blue ocean and mountainous backdrop of the Guimar Valley. Geologically speaking, this area was formed fairly recently from the eruptions of a number of small volcanoes that are passed along the way, the largest of these being Montana Grande passed in the second half of the walk but visible throughout much of the route. There is much of interest in the landscape and the walk is punctuated by many useful information boards along the way. This version of the walk, as stated, is around ten kilometres and heads slightly inland at the village of El Socorro for the return route. It is possible to do a much shorter route by following the signs to Montana Grande after the descent of Monatana de La Mar.

El Soccorro


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