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közel Vagalat, Vlorë (Albania)

Milë - or Mali i Millëtit, or Maja e Milës - is a little mountain near Butrint. Visitors to Butrint tend to admire the nearby ruins and rarely direct their gaze towards Milë Mountain, which provides the backdrop to the scenery of the Butrint Lake and the Vivari Channel.

Milë has a sharp drop towards the west, allowing marvellous views across the Butrint Lake, to Butrint itself, the marshy plains, Korfu, and towards Sarande. Hence, Milë can also be seen from Sarande harbor. Those tired of beach life, coffee and the daily xhiro (in Italy: giro - the evening walk) along the seafront promenade may be tempted to stretch their legs on Milë Mountain.

It is best to start from the village of Vagalat on the east side of Milë. It might be difficult to find its beginning near the trailhead. Once you leave the built-up area and the last fences, you should be on a well visible trail.

The trail is steep at first, but levels off after a while. At waypoint 02, you meet a small old military road. At waypoint 03, you have the choice to follow a less visible but shorter trail directly to the summit, or continue on the old military path. We took the shortcut up, and the old road for our way down.

Near the summit, you meet the 4WD track that leads to the antennas on the top of Milë. Our GPS recorded an elevation of 809 meter, though it also indicated minus 13 meter at sea level. Allowing for the necessary correction, the summit of Milë Mountain should be 823 meter, as indicated in the literature.

The hike is marked as a balloon hike. Total return trip is 8.4 kilometer, for which 3.5 hours walking time should be calculated.

There are several trails near Butrint, mainly to observe the birdlife in the marshlands. Visit the Butrint website at, and download their leaflet with hiking trail.

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01-Keep to the left

18-APR-14 13:06:22

02-Old military road

18-APR-14 9:48:04


18-APR-14 10:23:39


18-APR-14 10:57:02

05-Milë Summit

18-APR-14 11:02:14


18-APR-14 11:45:51


18-APR-14 11:48:55

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  • Fénykép Gams

    Gams 2014.05.30.

    I have followed this trail  View more

    This hike gives an extra quality to an archaeological site visit or a drive along the coast: the summit's view is dream - like, as it is further removed from shore and includes the lagoon system. The only tricky point is to find the trail head between two fenced areas. Once you park the car, people will appear and offer help, even an easier access through part of their hill terraces.

  • Fénykép gabbytours

    gabbytours 2018.12.17.

    From the other side of the mountain the top is accessible with professional 4x4 vehicles (meaning top strong 4wd not just any vehicle) and difficulty above medium (regarding the driver) but also the views and panorama you get at the top and on your way deserve any minute on that trip. It will take you around 80 minutes of driving form the main road.

  • Fénykép gabbytours

    gabbytours 2018.12.17.

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Its easier walking than driving your way to the mobile operators antennas (only with top quality 4wd) , the views are amazing and nature will keep surprising you on your way with the forests and all the birds you get to see.

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