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közel Fegina, Liguria (Italia)

This walk takes you from the train station in Monterossa al Mare to the train station in Vernazza, on the famous coastal path in the Parco Nazionale delle Cinque Terre. The views are magnificent, and especially Vernazza is a very beautiful and picturesque town. It can however be quite busy on the coastal path, and entrance of the path requires a fee (7,50 € for one day for all paths for one adult in 2017; see also for general information including actual prices, and actual information on the paths; the path you have to look for is 592-4 (SVA2), also in English). If you want to avoid crowds, it is best to be very early. The coastal path includes an ascent to about 180 m, includes steps, and is steep in places.
You exit the train station in Monterosso and then follow the road along the beach east. You can take a tunnel to avoid a small rise to a rocky promontory below Chiesa di San Francesco, but I followed the walkway along the coast. You descend into the actual village of Monterosso, and shortly after access the coastal path. About 400 m further is the toll booth where you can buy the ‘trekking card’. From here you follow the path all the way to Vernazza. It first climbs to about 180 m, stays on this altitude for 2.2 km and then descends into Vernazza. On the way you find lemon groves, vineyards with lift contraptions to transport the grapes, and great views of the coast and the villages of Monterosso and Vernazza. You enter Vernazza through a small alley, and shortly after end up at the central square on the beach and the port with the Chiesa Di S.Margherita. From here you walk up the Via Roma to the train station (or alternatively explore the town further; the Castello di Vernazza provides nice views of the village). Trains go about twice an hour, see Both in Monterosso and Vernazza, there are abundant places to eat and drink. On the trail you might meet a street vendor selling juice, but don't count on it.

Monteresso al Mare

From here you have a view of the actual village of Monterosso al Mare. The train station itself is actually in Fegina. To the west you have the beach, the station and Fegina and to the east the town and a smaller beach.

Start coastal path

Here the coastal path starts with steps, goes behind a hotel, and then arrives to the toll booth, about 400 m from this point. The path then continues up with views of lemon groves and the town of Monterosso al Mare.

Vernazza alley

When you enter the village you directly enter an alley between houses before you arrive to the central square.

Vernazza beach and square

Here is the central square, Piazza Guglielmo Marconi, with a small beach and a harbor. The Chiesa di Santa Margherita di Antiochia with eye-catching tower is also on this square.

Via Roma

This main street takes you from the square to the train station and is lined with restaurants, bars, gelaterias, etc.


A bit past halfway Vernazza comes into view.

Viewpoint 2

Another viewpoint nearing Vernazza.

Viewpoint 3

Close to Vernazza the views of town get even better.

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  • Filipe Guerra 2017.11.30.

    Trail is closed!!

  • Fénykép reve1982

    reve1982 2018.03.26.

    Sentiero fatto oggi, bellissimo!!! vedute stupende!!e Vernazza è davvero una cittadina brllissima!questo secondo me è il sentiero piu bello insieme a quello che da Manarola va a Corniglia (il mio preferito...)

  • Fénykép summitsonja

    summitsonja 2018.07.06.

    I have followed this trail  ellenőrzött  View more

    This trail is absolutely breathtaking!!

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