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közel Kampung Peretak, Selangor (မလေးရှား)

Starting point from metal suspension bridge to last check point of mount rajah near the rock climbing part, and unfortunately my phone battery was drained.

Mount rajah is accessible from Bentong, Pahang and Kuala Kubu Bharu, Selangor.

From KKB is more known to be hardcore track for hikers.

This trail head is basically the same as Bukit Kutu, but take the left junction at the fork and continue the trail as Lata medang but here also take the left junction as the trail head towards lata makau. This approximately take about 1hr 30m to 3hr to reach lata makau (from Kg pertak Parking). Just near the lata makau you will past trough BMW campsite near lata makau and there's a junction with signage which is left junction to lata makau(10minute) and right junction to gunung rajah.

From BMW camp, your hike is become more difficult until you reach Botol camp and not so far is Renoma camp (apx.1000mfsl). Then you need to climb down about few meters and you will reach small stream to cross before start to climb back and reach last campsite which is R&R campsite (apx.1000mfsl),

R&R campsite is more recommended for slow or normal pace hikers to set a camp first before continue their hike.
From R&R till peak will take about 3 hours more/less depending on your pace.

Not recommended daypack hike for beginner.

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  • Khaidzir Taha 2016.05.19.

    Request permission to copy the trail log as my references to study the route

  • Fénykép zarol afza

    zarol afza 2016.05.20.

    My pleasure to share it with orders :)

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