• Fénykép Mt Quimper Alternate
  • Fénykép Mt Quimper Alternate

Koordináták 443

Uploaded 2010. július 1.

Recorded július 2010

549 m
2 m
9,88 km

Megtekintve 3553 alkalommal, letöltve 34 alkalommal

közel Sooke, British Columbia (Canada)

Jim suggested an alternate route on Mt Quimper. Here it is, a much better route. This route starts at the yellow gate about 100 meters from the parking lot. Follow the obvious path along , up a hill, under the powerline, then to the left up into the woods. The climb is steady on old logging roads and trails. It is well flagged. Deaddfalls caused some diversions but the flagged boot track is easy to follow. You go over a bump with great views over Sooke Basin. Descending off the bump puts you back on the regular route, at a wet section. Go left and a fett hundered meters farther along go right up an steep bank to ascend to the summit. Time to the summit is typically an hour and a half.
We descended on the mountain bikers route to the north and west. They have put a lot of effort into improving this trail for mountain bike use. We included one of their loop options that avoided a steep section. This comes out on the Sooke Mountain Road, for an easy walk back to the parking lot. The parking lot is currently under construction to provide more parking space for this popular trail.

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  • arby101ca 2010.07.01.

    The trail profile shows gradient well including the bump on the way up, the summit and the lower gradient descent. Don't believe the accumulated elevation gain and loss as the calculation includes a lot of noise. Elevations are difficult to get right in the deep woods due to all the interference from the foliage.

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